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20 years of


We have been in the game and have the knowledge you need.

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The Salon Experience

It's more than just a salon visit—it's an experience.
Our salon is the center of transformation and
care you'll only find at Tranzitions. 

Tranzitions Products

With over 20 years of experience specializing in cultivated locs and offering professional natural hair care services, Tranzitions Salon is expanding the brand. We are not only increasing our hair care services we are creating more products, reinventing techniques and breaking down the mythology of people with natural hair.  Discover our cruelty free hair and bodycare essentials.

Hair Salon

Learn How to Tranzition

We educate clients through classes and workshops on innovative new techniques and modern methods that they can do themselves at home. By ensuring that clients understand their unique hair needs, we can provide a customized hair care regimen including styling how to's & salon services.

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