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our fab story

Gerber and Merlynn grew up together in Philadelphia in the same neighborhood. The two have been friends for well over 17 years and are better known as sisters and they have agreed to keep it that way. The relationship they have is stronger now than ever before. They both understand their roles in the business as well as in each other's lives. Their plan is to prosper while leaving an everlasting legacy.


The decision to name the salon "Tranzitions" was not a difficult one as we all go through many transitions in life with careers, families, and education.  Gerber and Merlynn both believe in sharing about their personal growth and transformation and using their experiences to help others.


 Tranzitions philosophy is that "No matter where you are in life there is enough room to evolve and transform". As a salon with loc technicians and hair specialists, Tranzitions offers their clients a way to transition in or out of their locs while understanding that each client has their own personal hair journey which can have a small or large impact on not only their look, but their lifestyle.  A journey that Tranzitions is proud to be a part of.


Tranzitions understands that your hair has to work for your style, your ha ir type, and your environment. Most importantly, you have to be able to maintain the look from day to day and over time.  For this reason, they offer a wide range of services and styles such as cornrows, coils, crochet braids, hair extensions and Barber cuts.

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